The Rotted – Get Dead Or Die Trying (2008)

When the jump from Gorerotted to The Rotted originally happened, I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the decision. After seeing the band live in The Rotted form in either 2009 or 2010, that opinion quickly changed and I got myself this CD. It is, to be fair, a really fun listen if you like your metal injected with the usual energy and bile you would get on a hardcore punk record.

The opening one-two of “Nothin’ But A Nosebleed” and “Howling” not only sets the bar but really, the high point for the record, with “Howling” easily being the best song on here. Also of note is the excellently-titled “There’s A Party In My Mouth (And Everyone Is Being Sick”, and the cover of the 28 Days Later theme, which was an interesting idea and one that the band pull off surprisingly well, even if it doesn’t really fit all that well onto the album.