Mortiis – Perfectly Defect (2010)

May 5, 2023
Mortiis – Perfectly Defect (2010)

The 6 year gap between The Grudge and Perfectly Defect had me completely checked out from the world of Mortiis. Granted, through the MySpace days I kept up to date on the hefty touring he was doing with his full band, and I even saw them myself in I think 2005, and they were great. The Grudge wasn’t my favourite thing in the world, but I really enjoyed the remixes on Some Kind Of Heroin.

So when Perfectly Defect dropped, after I found out only from randomly checking the man’s website, it felt like a half-arsed, half-finished project, that was well, an afterthought of an album, only being available as a download. CDs came not long after, but these were super limited, at least initially (I’m not sure if that is still the case). I didn’t hate this thing, but the fact that only half the songs had vocals on them, just gave me the impression that the record was unfinished. Instrumental tracks aren’t a problem – this is Mortiis we are talking about – but moreso that the industrial metal style makes it feel like the songs needed vocals and they were just left unfinished.

Anyway, I’ve come back to this thing recently with a pair of fresh eyes (and ears) and I’ve enjoyed it more than I did initially. The streaming version has extra songs compared to the initial release, which I remember being much shorter. “Closer To The End” and the excellent “Sensation Of Guilt” are some of the best songs that Mortiis has done in this style / era, that’s for sure. So, in hindsight I definitely feel that this fits nicely into the era 3 of Mortiis, I just wasn’t ready or willing for this at the time, and couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed after the 6 year gap. But, if you love industrial, you really cannot go wrong with this.

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