Anal Cunt – Morbid Florist (1993)

For me, Morbid Florist is THE classic Anal Cunt EP. 88 Song EP? Great, but very raw. 5643 Song EP? Too much going on – a novelty. For the truest and best quality collection of old school Anal Cunt blurs and noisecore blasts, look no further than Morbid Florist.

I think I would probably be thinking too much into it if I deeply analyzed each and every one of these songs, but here is a good mix of silly, comedic songs, noisecore blur “songs” and somewhat more structured, long-form songs with actual riffs. The band would greatly expand on this style on their debut album, but IMO Morbid Florist has the better production.

Oh, and Seth’s vocals are just absolutely insane.