2 Minuta Dreka / Vulgar Nausea – Split Tape (2005)

One of those super obscure, sleazy underground splits that you can only find in the depths of grindcore depravity. 2MD play here their earlier brand of messy goregrind/pornogrind with insane monster pitchshifter vocals. The trouble is, do you want to sit through tons of fuckin’ irritating movie samples to get to the juicy nuggets of farting shitgrind? Genuinely feels like the sample to grind ratio here is 10 to 1. Will Rahmer is currently drafting up a cease and desist order.

Vulgar Nausea are a bit different, harsher but also incorporating elements of electronic and dare I say industrial drum programming / chopping / glitching (that’s a lot of fancy words to say “digigrind” but I don’t think it falls entirely into that camp either).

One for the true die-hards only, I think.