Voïvod – Synchro Anarchy (2022)

Synchro Anarchy is another amazing offering from Canada’s legendary Voivod. The fact that these guys are even still going is nothing short of a miracle. They seem to have been on something of a Killing Joke-esque latter-career renaissance since Target Earth; forging the chaotic and dissonant madness of their 80s output with modern production and a sharper yet more mature streak. I do understand why some fans have started to say that Voivod are falling into a rut, what with Synchro Anarchy being the third album in a row with a very similar sound. I also think that Synchro Anarchy is the weakest of this era of releases, but that opinion is relative – the quality is still amazingly high and no doubt many fans of more experimental thrash metal will enjoy this one.

Stand-out tracks are “Sleeves Off” and the outstanding “Planet Eater”.