Festerdecay / Crash Syndrom – Split CD (2020)

December 28, 2022
Festerdecay / Crash Syndrom – Split CD (2020)

Festerdecay’s demo was amazing old school gore, so I was pretty stoked to get around to listening to this split, which has more of that gooey sickness. Blasting away with a better production job, it’s still easy to get lost in the primordial soup that is Festerdecay’s riffing. What a glorious, dusty mess! Really great stuff.

Crash Syndrom I’ve come across before (one of their EPs, I think), and are noticeably sharper and more dynamic than Festerdecay, by comparison. The drumming is tighter (and so is the snare tuning!), the riffs are more nimble and the production is less bassy and more clear. However, in this split-off competition, I gotta say I prefer Festerdecay, although both bands are brilliant.

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