Current 93 – Thunder Perfect Mind (1992)

I did a lot of digging into Death In June’s politics recently and a lot of people pointed me at Current 93’s “Hitler As Kalki”, which is on this album. It contains a lot of wishy washy references to Kalki and places Hitler in there as the one who will come to destroy the world (or whatever), but for the most part this stuff is so esoteric and dare I say rambling I see no coherent point to this nor would I ever have considered Current 93 to be a fascist project. Colour me naive perhaps, but this sits worlds apart from some of the dodgier acts that Di6 can act as a gateway to.

Musically, Thunder Perfect Mind is a million miles away from the other C93 stuff that I’ve heard, and despite its floaty artsyness (lol) I did enjoy the compositions and the production immensely. I will say towards the end I started to lose interest, and at some point, particular due to Tibet’s interesting approach to narration, some songs started to blend into one.

I enjoyed, but I don’t think I would listen to it again.