Esion – For The Shit Hits The Fans (1.5″, Lathe) (2013)

Quite possibly the stupidest thing in my record collection, which is definitely the whole point of this thing. I remember, in the early 2010s, a race amongst the noisecore / experimental projects and labels to release the smallest record possible. Technically, RxTx’s Bleached Anus takes the win, being fully playable (if only for a few seconds) at 1.5″ in size. Esion’s 1.5″ however, is actually not playable at all, and is in fact, designed to destroy your needle. Gorgonized Dorks did something similar earlier on in their career, with a full sized 7″.

I got this not long before Mike passed away, and that’s probably the only reason I’ve kept it (that and the fact that it probably have zero intrinsic value to anybody else). RIP Mike. Don’t do heroin, kids.