Drugs Of Faith – Drugs Of Faith (2006)

One of my favourite elements of Agoraphobic Nosebleed is Richard Johnson’s vocal contributions. Why then, has it taken me so long to check out Drugs Of Faith? The only answer – and this is a recurring solution – is that I am an idiot. Anyways, I picked up the 12″ of the band’s debut and off we go, spinning that grind on the platter! It’s grindcore alright (would you expect anything else?) but there is plenty of breathing room for riffs and interesting instrumentation passages. Discogs has this down as “grind n roll” but a.) I fucking hate that stupid idea and b.) this sounds absolutely nothing like, idk, Blood Duster.

This is more in the line of something altogether more hardcore punk, with interesting artistic flair to the riffs, like Cloud Rat or Full Of Hell. There’s a dissonance, but also an analogue warmth (unsure whether it has analogue production though), and it sounds like I’m listening to an old powerviolence record more than it does anything else. Which of course, is something I can definitely get behind.