7 Minutes Of Nausea – Disobediant Loser (1992)

March 18, 2022
7 Minutes Of Nausea – Disobediant Loser (1992)

You gotta love 7MON. In fact, one time, their addition to the OEF 2015 line up swayed me to buy a ticket and make a solo trip from the UK to the Czech Republic. Whilst I was watching this band play their ridiculous noisecore on stage, I couldn’t shake the feeling I’d travelled 100s of miles to watch a band dick about for an hour haha

Noisecore, I know, isn’t everyone’s bag. Personally, I love it, it takes me back to why I fell in love with all things grind, but I don’t listen to it all that much. Unearthing this EP, with its 87,000 tracks (a bit of an overestimate perhaps) (ed: it’s 452 songs) was really a shot in the arm for my love of this stuff (on the same day as my COVID booster no less). Its only 11 minutes long, but 7MON can make that feel like a lifetime.

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