Doom II: Speed Of Doom (2010)

Speed Of Doom is an incredibly well made set of maps for Doom II. Honestly, the fact that these began as a speed mapping exercise (hence the name), truly boggles the mind in terms of the level quality. But there is one problem. This is far, far too hard for me. I’m one of those cats that plays on UV because it’s “the” way to experience everything Doom has to throw at you, but Jesus creeping shit, this is hard as fuck. Even just a few maps in, things hit ridiculous levels of difficulty, and before we’ve even hit the half way point, things descend into all-out slaughtermap carnage.

Speed Of Doom is a ridiculously difficult challenge for the seasoned Doom player who has conquered everything else. Honestly, the only way I could get a look at the later levels was to chuck on Degreelessness mode and just go ham. There is no way in a million years that I am good enough to do this without cheats.

So yeah. Solid fucking effort from all involved. But even after 6 months of solid Doom playing, Speed Of Doom is far, far too difficult for me.