Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick (1991)

I see a lot of Internet people moaning that the production on this is shit. Its too dry and too sterile, they say. Motherfuckers, are we gonna pretend the whole Morrisound death metal saturation thingy never happened? Shiiiiiit. On the scale of dryness from a martini to the Sahara desert, Blessed Are The Sick is lodged firmly on the tastier, lip-smacking beverage end of dry.

So yes, the production is sterile. But the riffs are absolutely fucking sinister, especially when the band slows to a crawl, and Sandoval’s drumming really shines through the mix here. Vocally shit is on point too, and whatever you make of the pointless interludes (nobody seems to slag off Nile for doing this), this is really solid, evil death metal. I have no complaints. Its awesome.