Subhumans – Time Flies / Rats (1990)

I’d like to think it was this record but it may have been another Subhumans record, that was often spun by my mate’s dad in his garage when we hung out. This of course, amongst other punk and rock vinyl of the 80s and early 90s. I was quite taken with the band’s Time Flies… But Aeroplanes Crash, which I even painted onto the underside of my skateboard (not without spelling areoplane wrong).

Anyways, enough memory lane shite. Tony Soprano once said “‘remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation.” Here on this record Time Flies (1983) is backed with Rats (1984), and a lovely little collection of ditties it is too. Subhumans hit pretty hard, in all fairness, and there’s a malice to proceedings which cuts through the cheeky punk vibe.