Doom II: Hell To Pay (1996)

Hell To Pay is probably the tackiest Doom WAD I’ve played thusfar, with the exception of The Lost Episodes Of Doom, which was just awful. Thankfully it was one of the first WADs I’ve started with. I’d never be able to make it though it these days, having played some top quality custom levels since.

Hell To Pay isn’t bad. In fact, it has a pretty good story and some incredibly ambitious level designs (ever fancied a Doom battle in outer space? Well, now you can!), but some of the replacement weapons and enemies do leave a little to be desired. The final map is also one of the more frustrating Romero-demon finales I’ve come across, and I had to switch on iddqd just to see it through.

H2P’s sister release, Perdition’s Gate, which I recently covered, wipes the floor with this WAD.