Lunar Womb – Planets (1996)

I love it when you find something that you have never heard before. Yes, I’ve heard Lunar Womb before, but hear me out. The blend of styles on this record are incredibly perplexing. Think dungeon synth mixed with vaporwave. Both are fairly obscure electronic subgenres with little crossover (the runescape.wav (sp?) project the only outlier I can think of), but their unintentional mixture on this 25 year old demo is perplexing and thought provoking.

Vaporwave didn’t exist as a genre, at least intentionally, until the early 2010s, but dreamy muzak has been around since synthesisers could synthesise. I don’t really know what Lunar Womb were trying to achieve with this bizarre music, but they certainly have my attention, and my respect. A rare gem.