Death In June & Boyd Rice – Alarm Agents (2004)

Well then, now I know who does the voice at the beginning of Death In June’s “Tick Tock”. I could never understand why Douglas P would attempt such a bad American accent (like all those 00s post-something bands. You’re from Pontypridd mate, not LA!). Anyways, now that I finally know what Boyd Rice’s voice sounds like, it all makes sense to me.

Honestly, this is all kinds of fucking edgy. And fuck if I know if there’s some double meaning to some of these lyrics, which could be perfectly innocent or fairly sinister depending on how you look at it (and knowing who made it). Musically though, there’s some good shit here, and some really cool vibes. Some of the tracks just feel like a waste of time, but when it hits, it hits good. Boyd’s voice, coming on like a lovechild of latter-day Leonard Cohen and Jarboe, is the perfect accompaniment to Douglas Post twinkly guitar strummery. It gives a different and refreshing weight to Death In June’s often light and airy folk compositions.

Oh, and that track with all the laughing on it? Pure Twin Peaks black lodge vibes, which I can always get behind.