Tunkio – World Of Maniacs (2020)

In the past I’ve never really seen the point in one-sided records, often finding them to be a waste of vinyl with all that blank space on side B. However, there is something endearing about Bringer Of Gore’s Meltaaargh!!! series (or is it a sub-label?), which is designed to give underground gore and grind bands a shot at being on wax that they may not have had just yet in their career.

It basically puts the big tape demo onto the vinyl format, which is great to see a revival of in these modern times. Anyhow, I’ve grown to develop quite an appetite for Tunkio stuff before buying this record, and can confirm its more of the same punk-tinged, ping-ting snare gorey grindcore. Truly, it is an excellent recipe. As a side note, I absolutely love some of the lyrics, which are super wholesome rather than grim and disgusting, as you would usually expect from this kind of thing.