Redlight District Part II: The Red Edition – Stirner / Kaelteeinbruch – Split CDr (2012)

I reviewed parts 1 and 4 of this series back what must be, shit, 8 years ago now, and I figured I had lost parts 2 and 3 to time, but I recently managed to unearth them from a long-forgotten drawer somewhere. The crap you accumulate around you, eh? There’s far too many entries in this series to mention, but at least I can round off the ones that I physically own.

Stirner is pretty straight forward as far as noise goes, at least on the track submitted here. It’s quite the brain massage though, so they get bonus points for the harsh noise meditation stupor they manage to invoke in me. As I was listening, I drove past a restaurant on the way to work that had apparently been ram-raided, and I took a moment to soak in the scene along with this noise and reflect on the carnage and the absurdity of life.

Kaelteeinbruch’s offering however is naught but pure irritation, with flaccid distortion passages married with pointless pornography samples, all of which goes absolutely nowhere.