Pain Penitentiary – Organ Pit (2007)

I’ve had this CDr knocking about for, I’d say, 14 years or so. I used to be in heavy contact with Rob from Malignant Germ Infestation back in the MySpace days, and this must have come from him some shape or form. I shared the stage with these guys (Pain Penitentiary) and also MGI (in a solo incarnation) whilst touring with the Judas Cradle back in… I wanna say, 2016.

Anyways, looking back aside, nothing prepared me for how awesome this thing would be. I have been sitting on a diamond (oo-er) this whole time, and I didn’t even fucking know it. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but Organ Pit is a well produced, chunky slab of British death metal. This is as good a debut that I’ve heard from any band in any era. Truly, it has been my loss for over-looking this thing for so long.

Excuse the crappy cover photo on this one. I’m too lazy to dig out a photo of the CD and this is the only tidy one I can find online.