Merciless Precision / Nido De Vespe – Split 7″ (2013)

I thought I had lost this to time, but no, it is now found! Nide De Vespe are super punk/hardcore influenced, at least that is how it comes across the sound, which is bouncy and sprightly, rather than the more metallic end of grindcore. There is a lot of energy here, and the sound is fantastic.

Honestly, I really miss Merciless Precision, who are no longer with us. Many fantastic projects spawned from their demise (most of which centered around frontman Harry and his insatiable appetite for forming bands), but these guys were the staple of opening for grind/extreme shows in the Bristol area and I always looked forward to the carnage. This little side of a 7″ is a great example of the chaos they ended up playing when they had moved away from the more death-rooted stuff. Carnage!