Cadaver Symposium – 1995 Demo (1995)

Before pressing play I am already intrigued by that artwork. How spooky is that shit? It isn’t a million miles away from what Uberkvlt (Justin Bartlett) does with his stuff, although I suspect that this may be before his time, as it were. Cadaver Symposium’s demo is a dry affair of grinding guitars (think early Carcass), heaving drums and a set of perplexing vocal performances, from your usual death growls through to your more unusual shouts that can only be described as a mix between something you’d hear on a gothic doom metal record or even some really weird power metal.

As I said, the production is very dry, to the point where the drums sound almost as if they have been programmed, which doesn’t do the record any harm, don’t get me wrong. It’s just something to note.

(Excuse the shitty art on this one – I don’t own a copy and there doesn’t appear to be any decent scans. This screenshot was taken from Ken’s Death Metal Crypt.)