Negative Approach – Total Recall (1992)

Man I fucking love Negative Approach. Like, hardcore punk really isn’t my strong point, even after all these years, but Jesus fucking Christ, Negative Approach go hard. (As a side note, the fact that Negative Approach was Seth Putnam’s favourite band (who played at his wedding) almost makes me believe he wasn’t a hateful piece of shit and just 110% committed to being a massive fucking cunt of a troll)

Total Recall is a short, sharp, all-in-one collection (if you ignore the shite live recordings at the end), and it is the perfect release to get your jowls around if you want a fix of some of the greatest hardcore punk in the entire world. I’ve seen these guys on a big open air stage (OEF 2013) and then in a small venue (Bristol’s Fleece) and both times they have fucking blown it out of the water. Legendary. As is this compilation record.