Spooooky Steve / Curried Shits / Cukia / Interbrutial Crease / MxExMxAxR / AxFxBxUxDxGxAxCxTxYxPxF / Squelch / FxFxWxAxBxUxIxDxCxOxMxTxWxFxOxDxAx – Split CDr (2021)

For the record, if the band names are not ridiculous enough for you, this 8 way digital split is called 8 Ways For Lesbians To Indulge In Coprophagic Ass Eating. Where does a split end and a compilation begin? Either way, some small and potentially permanently damaged part of me can’t turn down a listen to a MySpace-grade bedroom goregrind / cybergrind compilation or split. It reminds me I guess of better times. Anyway, musically, there’s a few surprisingly good things here. Spooky Steve, a strange name for a cybergrind project, in particular is pretty fucking great. The insane synthesis of the instruments is great. Towards the end there are some noise pieces, which are great, but not groundbreaking.