Last Days Of Humanity / Regurgitate – Split Tape (2000)

July 12, 2021
Last Days Of Humanity / Regurgitate – Split Tape (2000)

This kinda shit is where I go in my happy place. Sometimes I wonder about what the fuck is the point in all of this, the effort with the site etc., but fuck, when I die, bury me with goregrind tapes please.

I’ve never heard this before, which is something I feel that I’ve snoozed on because I love both bands. LDOH stuff seems to be two sessions, and I’ve lost track of if I’ve heard it elsewhere (maybe Rest In Gore?), but its prime early messy groove-meets-gurgle Last Days. Cracking.

RGTE too is without a doubt multiple sessions. The first stuff sounds like Concrete Human Torture, but then I lose the thread from there. Wherever its culled from, this shit rocks. I forget how fucking awesome Regurgitate were. I need to go back and listen to them a bit more, its been a while.


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