Misfits – Famous Monsters (1999)

There’s 52 ways to be a low key right wing asshat, one or two are the same, but they both work as well. I’m coming clean for the Proud Boys, my chauvinism doesn’t scream as well, and Eric Blair won’t listen all night…


Famous Monsters was the second Graves-fronted Misfits album. Its much more smoother and melodic than the previous one, which is a bit faster and rougher around the edges. There are more ballads here and the second half of the album starts to drag a little bit as far as the song quality goes. I suppose you could accuse the band of being formulaic at this point but the product is so lovely and easily consumed, that it doesn’t really matter.

Before I found out that Graves has heavy right-wing sympathies I watched him perform this record live, along with American Psycho. It was pretty great. Shame I can no longer associate with this fucking clown.

On that note, its worth mentioning that I’ve covered artists on this site who I would never support (Satanic Warmaster springs to mind), but thats only because Lines In Wax is a personal log of everything that I have listened to. Being a Nazi isn’t cool, kids.