Mephistofeles – Satan Sex Ceremonies (2020)

There has been a lot of hype around this band as of late. Vinyl prices for Satan Sex Ceremonies (and I’m sure, other releases from them) are nothing short of extortionate. Perhaps then, I went into this album with too much of an expectation. The art too, conjurs up an unique sense of sleaze and evil, of which the sound does not match.

Mephistofeles play laid back stoner rock in the vein of Electric Wizard et al. Muddy analogue sounds driven by washed out vocal performances and sleazy riffs, like the soundtrack to the big fight at the end of a sexploitation movie. All of this is well and truly up my street. Why then, do I feel an emptiness or even a boredom whilst listening to this? One must attribute such to the previously mentioned hype that this record recieved. This reminded me why I got bored of the doom metal circlejerk in the first place.

I will happily give Mephistofeles another chance, but I am dissapointed by this album, that I cannot deny.