Clipping. – There Exists An Addiction To Blood (2019)

June 24, 2021
Clipping. – There Exists An Addiction To Blood (2019)

I’ve been meaning to check out Clipping. for a serious amount of time now. I finally got to listen to …Addiction To Blood in the dying months of 2020, and I soon grew to learn what all the fuss is about.

The first thing to notice is there is no immediate urgency with this record. The songs creep slow, building all sorts of menacing atmospheres. On the first run through, a lot of the tracks blur into one due to their minimalist nature, but it is on the second listen that this record truly reveals itself. My God, what an unsettling array of compositions, with the backing tracks ranging from absolutely nothing to sinister beats or even harsh noise courtesy of a couple of different artists, most notably for me, being The Rita. That’s cool as hell that they featured real underground noise artists to do some of their shit.

The rhymes and flows are also just second to none, honestly. What guest spots there are, are also of equal quality. Truly, this is a fantastic hip hop record (can we even call it that? I suppose so) and one I really, really regret not checking out sooner.

I look forward to checking out more from these guys.

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