P.L.F. / Last Days Of Humanity – Split LP (2020)

P.L.F. are always a pleasure. Continuing my shitty P.L.F. puns, having this record queued up in my to-do list could have been called a Pleasurable Listening Forecast (I’ll show myself out). Despite my love for this band I am not super familair with the ins and outs of their splits, and this is the first time I’ve heard them use a pitchshifter, which is an interesting variation.

Before I chuck this on and actually press play, the other side has it’s own kind of pre-emptive P.L.F., that being a Possible LDOH Failure, what with their recent outputs being somewhat wishy washy. However, despite the fact that some clown has sucked all of the snare drum out of this thing, LDOH sound as savage as ever, and I feel that some of the hate thrown at this most recent reunion is somewhat undeserved.