Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine (2004)

Nymphetamine is a double-edged sword for me. I remember tuning into Scuzz TV at the time (I was an avid Cradle fan at this point, having started with Damnation… and worked my way backwards obsessing over the band’s spooky metal), and being enormously disappointed with the single version of the title track, namely “Nymphetamine (Fix)”. As a 14 year old meathead, I loudly proclaimed that I was done with Cradle at this point, and that they had “sold out”. Then, the band dropped “Gilded Cunt” as a download off the Roadrunner website, and I promptly ate my words. The track remains one of the heaviest and most savage tracks they have ever penned.

Nymphetamine as an album begins a downward trend in Cradle’s output, but as a whole stand-alone album, it strays in a more traditionally melodic territory. Think melodeath with keyboards, and you’re along the right path. I am however, not doing this album justice, it is still a solid metal record, its just not the same level of craziness I would have come to expect from Cradle. The reality however is that there is not a single bad track here, even in its full 9 minute form, “Nymphetamine (Overdose)” is a stunning metal track.

For the sake of this review I gave the album a run through on my IEMs and I am happy to confirm that the record has aged well in 16 years and has stood the test of time.