Last Days Of Humanity – Horrific Compositions Of Decomposition (2021)

There’s been a lot of jostling from the LDOH camp as of late, and many splits have been dropped, of varying quality. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, until a new full length record was released by the latest incarnation of the band. I don’t have Facebook, and can’t seem to find any other info online, so I’m unsure who is in the band at the moment? Admittedly, I’ve only checked out the official album stream, and I can’t check liner notes as I have not bought a copy of this record. And I don’t think that I will.

This is a gurgling, blasting mess of an album. One could say that is what one expects from a band such as Last Days Of Humanity, yes? Correct. And, of course, perhaps to complicate things further, if this record was attributed to an unknown or new band, I would definitely be singing its praises. But, at the risk of sounding like either an old fart or a gatekeeping arsehole, this album does not live up to the sheer aural carnage that the Last Days Of Humanity name promises.

I don’t want to get too negative here, because on the surface level, it doesn’t so much as tick but punch holes through all of the usual boxes. Its just, after a few listens, its missing a soul; a purpose and a true feeling. This feels like LDOH imitating itself, but with the best bits taken out. I’m sad to say, that I find this record to be a disappointment.