Mr. Bungle – The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo (2020)

I understand that one should expect the unexpected when it comes to Mr. Bungle, and I understand that this is a revisit to a pre-self titled world, but I did not expect this to be as metal as it is. Sure, the inclusion of Scott Ian on guitar and Dai Lombardo on drums probably goes a long way in facilitating this feel, but there is not a single saxophone, trumpet, jazzy interlude or glockenspiel to be heard. Does the super compressed world of modern metal work well for Mr. Bungle? Thankfully, on some monitors, Wrath Of The Easter Bunny breathes organically, despite the uniformed distorted crunch of the guitars.

The tunes are massively entertaining, featuring a combination of songs from the original demo and a bunch of tracks that were written at the time but never used. It comes in last place as far as Mr. Bungle records go, but if you love Mike Patton’s batshit vocals you cannot go wrong with this new star studded incarnation of the Bungle.