Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism (2020)

Can you believe this has been the longest gap between Napalm records? It doesn’t feel that long since Apex Predator dropped. I guess that means that I’m getting old as fuck. Either way, here she blows, coming in from the horizon like a steamboat with a deceased crew and smashing head on into the dock with “Fuck the Factoid”, before pulling out all the usual tricks (and I’m sorry, but that same goddamn Russ Russell production).

It is however something of a pleasure to hear how Napalm Death keep things interesting despite every album for the last 20 years having almost the exact same sound. For all the press this album has got for being experimental and “not grindcore” (uhhh, like any Napalm record since 1989 you mean?) all that’s really happened is that Barney n Co have dialled up their public love for Killkng Joke, Swans, Sonic Youth etc. to the point where they interpret the sounds of these bands into the Napalm songwriting process. I mean, I wouldn’t exactly call that experimental to be completely honest, but I’m being a cynical fuck – the truth of the matter is that the combination works and this album is a fucking banger.