Power Trip – Manifest Decimation (2013)

Power Trip has been on my to do list for fucking years. I have no shame in saying that it was the grisly reminder of Ryan Gale’s untimely death that led me to finally taking this record and listening to it. I can only offer my condolences to his friends and family; he seemed well liked and of course loved, and after listening to this record I can attest that he was a brilliant front man too.

I’ve seen Power Trip live. The memories are there in my booze addled mind somewhere or other, but Manifest Decimation is the first time I’ve sat down and spent time with the band. What I’m treated to is a hardcore-tinged romp through something altogether more thrash based. But, it’s more than, IDK, Municipal Waste without the silly songs about beer, or as trite as a DRI for a new generation. Power Trip is it’s own thing; Manifest Decimation draws on – at times – a darkness from something altogether more Nails-y and a heavy tone you’d associate almost with some beatdown acts. Either way, whichever way I cut it, this is a fast and heavy record that is fully deserving of your attention.