Pig Destroyer – Head Cage (2018)

Head Cage is a solid (yet decidedly not grindcore) offering from all-round good eggs and metallic riff kings, Pig Destroyer. Immediately, I’m taken aback by how “compressed” and artificial this album sounds; it’s like everything is fighting for competition and the drums sound treated and false. I’m sure this is some technical engineer’s wet dream but honestly it sounds like complete shit.

Thankfully, after the initial adjustment to this production style, it gets a bit easier to appreciate the songs for what they are. Pig Destroyer definitely work better as a five piece, the songs are fuller and more engaging, although I do pine for some of the ferocity of old. Drummer Adam Jarvis is an absolute unit as per always, and delivers yet another stellar performance on this record. Is Head Cage the best Pig Destroyer album? Not even close. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid metal album in it’s own right.