Thangorodrim – Prologue (2020)

Thangorodrim is amongst the more well known dungeon synth artists of modern day, and rightly so; the project took Mortiis worship to a whole new level on the first debut album (not a bad thing in these circles) but on Prologue, Thangorodrim strikes out into territory I would comfortably call entirely it’s own. To my knowledge, Prologue combines a few of the older tape releases together onto one collection.

Prologue is not a short record but any stretch (there’s a very tasty double cassette version I’ve just not had the spare funds to buy yet) but one that takes you on a long, wondrous journey, for which one must be prepared fully. I’d suggest taking an evening to get through this, maybe with a book about a far off land, or if you play D&D… you know what to do lol