Rectal Smegma / Cliteater / Last Days Of Humanity – Split CD (2020)

What surprised me the most about this split is how great both Rectal Smegma and Cliteater sound. I’ve not really been feeling the output by either band recently for a number of years now, but on this split they both sound like bands which have been energised; in the boggy world of “groovy” “goregrind” there are acidic oceans of absolute drooling shit, but both sessions here sound incredible.

The shame however is that the same cannot be said for Last Days Of Humanity, who are the sore thumb of this record. There isn’t actually anything wrong with the LDOH output here, in fact I’m beyond glad to actually hear some new material and not just some old shit rehashed. I can’t help but be a little bummed out however – the old stuff is so legendary, it sets the bar so high. Granted, if this was a new grindcore band I’d be giving it praise. It’s just the name LDOH carries so much weight, its hard not to be let down a little.