Children / Ебануться Пиздец – Split Tape (2014)

October 22, 2020
Children / Ебануться Пиздец – Split Tape (2014)

Children, for my lack of any understanding of the noise scene, appears to be a project between Genetic Noose and a fellae named Gaeme Baillie. I had a chuckle to myself thinking the Children material here sounds a bit like Arab Strap recorded an album whilst in the middle of a severe bout of alcohol-fuelled manic depression. Either way, it’s miserable as sin and fucking angry as fuck. What more do you want from your power electronics?

Ебануться Пиздец (I have no idea what that means) on the other hand are a bit more typical with the making-noise approach, if I can be so lazy in describing such. Nevertheless its great palette cleanser and some decent variation and interesting moments can be found amongst the hellish fuzz.

I’ve had this cassette for fecking yonks (cheers Tom!), only now getting around to listening to it, after it being kept in a box for donkeys years.

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