Blank Banshee – Mega (2016)

What Mega seemingly has over 0 and 1 is the instant glossy hit of electronic shine. Out of nowhere the record is in your face, all colours flashing, and from then on out you are enraptured in the world of the Blank Banshee, and have no choice but to go on the ride. Is it possible to improve on the cult status and legendary electronic work of the first two records? The answer, of course, is yes.

Where Mega may be dialled back somewhat in the vaporwave stylings (despite what the artwork may advertise), we find instead tracks and passages of sounds that are much more introspective, more sombre even, and there is a sadness permeating this record that admittedly not only took me a few goes to catch onto, but also struck me as something unusual and special. Why has there been no more albums from this guy? This stuff is too good.