Last Days Of Humanity / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium – Split LP (2012)

I have chastised LDOH several times recently for phoning it in when it comes to splits; Agathocles’ing it to the bank with crappy live records and old shit that should have stayed old. Despite this, one must admit that this live session from Eindhoven is a very enjoyable romp through classic LDOH material, and with a decent sound to boot. When the shifter comes in, sometimes it eclipses all in a muddy gloop, but hey, this is goregrind, folks.

NxVx are probably one of the most hit and miss bands on the planet. Their unique brand of sexually charged bass-grind (lol) is absolutely on fire here. Its dirty, its disgusting, its abysmal – I’ve never felt so alive! Pop a ballgag on and turn this up to 11.