PxOxRxNxOx – Awaken From A Sexual Lucid Dream (2017)

When I threw this on, I was expecting the usual low-brow pornogrind bedroom-grade electronic mush. That was what I was signing up for, of course – a brief spell in perversion to send me back to the MySpace days. However, PxOxRxNxOx does things a little differently, at least on this release here.

Guitars are virtually nonexistent. The music instead focuses entirely on an electronic aspect, which is entirely typical of this kinda stuff but at the same time, Awaken… is totally different. The vibe I’m getting off of this is just downright bizarre. I’m trying to understand the mind behind this, the reasoning behind the design choices. Maybe there is something wrong with me? Fuck knows. Either way, this isn’t your usual pornogrind fare, and for that I commend it, but I still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s not already into this stuff.