Panties – Electrotribalistic Pornitorium (2014)

This is so awful that in some ways it is rather genius, if I can say so myself. Recorded all the way back in 2014 and put out online by noise label Red Venice, the aim of Panties was to create a pornogrind imitation that was entirely synthetic. Electrotribalistic Pornitorium, for better or worse, achieves this, being an entirely synthetic record that I recorded on my Sony Xperia Z1 phone. Vocals? Nah fam, that’s just a sample of running water.

I was shocked recently to find that someone had uploaded this to YouTube where it has like 1,500 plays (LOL) – I had thought it was lost to time. Panties is a dead project, and never got a physical release, but who knows what can happen. Crazier stuff has.