Napalm Death – Scum (25th Anniversary) (2012)

If you watch the Scum Story documentary from the 20th anniversary disc (sigh) – which should have really been called the Mick Harris story – and can still muster up enough interest in proceedings after listening to a bunch of talking heads verbally excreting endless fucking shite for 50 minutes, you’ll have noticed that Mick categorically says that Scum should not be fucked with. I wonder then, what he would make not only of the full dynamic range remaster, but also the alternative mixes on offer here?

Personally, the only Earache remasters that I’ve noticed an audible difference in (off the bat without having to compare like for like) is the explosive re-gander at FETO, or Broadrick’s own remaster of Streetcleaner. As much fun as I had listening through to Scum yet again for the 9000th time, I can’t say that this remaster offers anything new.

The alternative takes however… blimey! Side A presents itself as the most different, with the guitar having this bizarre flanger or chorus effect on it (perhaps just badly multitracked?). Truly, it sounds awful, but the alternative intro to the title track is a gem to uncover. Side B is fantastic; muddier and nastier, yet somehow just as if not more enjoyable. I love this alternative mix.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bonus content here and would recommend it highly to any rabid Napalm fan.