Mudvayne – The End Of All Things To Come (2002)

The End Of All Things To Come was released around the time that nu-metal began to tank in the mainstream, so although I enjoyed the single off of this, I totally snoozed on the record as a whole. Let’s be honest too, as much as I loved LD.50, I was far too immature at 12 years old to really dig (geddit?) what Mudvayne was doing at the time.

Mudvayne have always had a serious musical dexterity; something that has always gone wasted under the makeup and shlock of earlier days and totally thrown to the wind in their boring as shit alt-metal later days. The End… is truly a progressive record, the songs are meandering and gloriously arranged, almost like Tool meets Taproot. Haha!

I fear that this record always go unnoticed, which is a shame.