Barbarella (1968)

Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of technology, if you want to see Jane Fonda’s tits you can just do a quick Google search. Unfortunately for folk back in the 60s, it meant having to sit through absolute garbage like Barbarella.

I’ve tried hard to find some merit in this low budget, camp as hell sci-fi romp. Truly, I have. Sure, its better than OG Star Trek, and watching Barbarella sleep her way across the galaxy to save the universe does have some sort of barbaric charm, but for the most part the plot is wafer thin and the pacing is glacial. The COVID 19 lockdown allows me to take some sort of pleasure in drinking all my whisky reserves and plowing through dreck like this, so I managed to make it to the end in the name of either perseverance or boredom.

Fun fact: the band Duran Duran got their name from the character Durand Durand in this movie. You learn something every day!