Napalm Death – Smear Campaign (2006)

2000s and beyond ND records – those produced by Russ Russell – sometimes catch criticism for being bricked out walls of white noise. Smear Campaign falls into that category, but despite the tinnitus inducing production, it is by far the most accessible out of what I call the Colours Trifecta (Times Waits For No Slave being yellow-ish, Smear Campaign being blue-ish and The Code Is Red being, well… red-ish).

“When All Is Said And Done”, “Weltschmertz”, “Fatalist”, “Sink Fast Let Go” which are all admittedly at the front end of the record – are all fist pumping, catchy, savage grinding beasties, and whilst I can’t name drop the tracks on the latter half off the top of my head, rest assured Smear Campaign is a solid entry into the Napalm discography.