Napalm Death – Enemy Of The Music Business (2000)

Enemy Of The Music Business is a tremendous return to form after a period of stagnation for Napalm Death. I often try to look for positives in the mid to late 90s output (I recently saw someone online comparing the Greed Killing / Diatribes era to Fear Factory which made me look at it in a different light) but when you compare all those records to this one… it’s hard to be positive about them. This is a 180 turn back to what made Napalm Death so fucking awesome in the first place.

Taking inspiration no doubt from a new generation of savage grindcore acts, Napalm sharpen old tools when looking how it is best to proceed forward (rather than “downward!!!” – geddit?) and the result was this manic little fucker of an album. It definitely set the bar for the records which would follow.