Optimum Wound Profile – Lowest Common Dominator (1992)

Today I stumbled upon an old UK-based industrial metal band that blends “crust punk” into the sound. If by “blend” they simply mean “have Phil Vane from ENT on vocals”, then they have achieved something, at least. Not wanting to diss underground music unless absolutely necessary, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you, dear reader, that this fucking blows.

It wheels out every tired trope of the industrial genre (or what industrial would become in the 90s, more like) and fails to improve or innovate one iota upon any nuance of the music’s construction. In English then, it’s just super fucking boring and predictable. I never turns off a record before its done, but this is an hour long, and 40 minutes is more than enough of my life wasted listening to this bland shite.