Devourment – Conceived In Sewage (2013)

I initially passed this up upon its release, partly because of a personal malaise I was experiencing with death metal at the time and partly because of the fecking uncanny similarities between this and Vaginal Necrosis’ Fornicating In Sewage. It was as if someone in Devourment had seen this tiny little release from a UK bedroom goregrind project and altered it for their own use, art concept and all. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but the title and sleeve art are very, very similar.

Concieved In Sewage brought a fresh level of heaviness to the band’s sound; gone were more of the slammier (lol), more hardcore-style riffs, and what we had was Unleash The Carnivore dialled up to 11. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Concieved In Sewage continues to be the one release in the Devourment discography that I continue to snooze on.