Scorn – Colossus (1993)

Colossus is a trip. In only a year since their debut, this record showcases the sheer progression that Scorn was making as a project. It would perhaps be lazy of me to say that Colossus continues in the vien of the moody, dubby second half of Vae Solis, but truly it is something much more sparse, harrowing and desperate. The songs are length trips, spaced-out and drums are drenched often in reverb. The feel is dense and paranoid, even though the songs are rather minimal.

What is worth noting however is where the future releases would go further into beatwork from drum n bass or even hip hop styles, Colossus stays in rather rigid terrority in regards to its framework, despite the sprawling and experimental nature of the songs in general. There are also a smattering of crushing noisy ambient passages here, that are like Harris’ other project Lull, but on a bad acid trip.

I’ve often over-looked Colossus in the Scorn catalog, but I’m glad I took the time to come back to it and give it a going through once more.