Belle De Jour (1967)

So this was my first experience with the films of Luis Bunuel. I love the imagery so excuse the flurry of different covers that I’ve provided alongside this post. I remember a few years ago a local cinema showing this for one night only, and I didn’t go because I didn’t want to be seen as the perv who went on his own to see this kinda thing. Boy, do I regret that decision.

Belle De Jour is a classic of French cinema, and despite its themes of prostitution, and masochism, it is beautifully filmed and skillfully restrained (lol). What I like most about this is that the lines between dream and reality continue to blur. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether Belle is in this world or her own.

Topping that off, the whole thing looks gorgeous, all of the women too are beyond stunning, and the film is a true treat, despite its age. I really didn’t expect to fall so much in love in this, but fall in love I did. Brilliant stuff!